Greetings! My name is Cynthia, and I am a 26 year-old Mexican based in the United Kingdom. This is my little English-spoken spot on the Web, but you are very welcome to take off your shoes, grab something from the fridge, and make yourself at home on the settee.

My life has had many highs, lows, and not many neutral moments. I’ve gone from being an innocent and bullied little child, to an angst-ridden suicidal teenager, to a wild and confident young adult, to a jobless twenty-something with a lot of time in her hands and ideas in her mind. This is one of those, by the way.

A year ago, I was getting married, moving house, and finishing my Master’s Degree. This year, I am training to freelance in the publishing world. Writing is my lifetime passion, and the only activity I have been doing non-stop since those bitter-sweet days in the playground. It has been what keeps me focused, balanced-ish, and – cliché, but true – alive. Writing, about myself and others, in a professional or casual way, has been my ultimate form of self-care. And self-care is what this blog is about.

Yes, it is about my life. But a great chunk of my life involves taking care of myself to keep on living minute by minute, day by day, year by year. People can see it as vain and ridiculous sometimes, but it keeps me going. Wearing pretty clothes, putting on make-up, reading a book, having some coffee, taking a bath, drinking water. These things some of us take for granted can make a huge difference when done as meditation. As a workout, even. You know it’s all for the greater good, to make you feel happy, safe and comfortable.

This is very important to me. As I’ve mentioned, I am unemployed at the moment, away from my family and most of my friends, living in a country where my first language is not the first language and my race is not the ‘typical’ one – whatever that means nowadays. I live in a fat, cis-female body. I have hypothyroidism, depression, anxiety and PTSD. I can function all right most days, but sometimes waking up is a huge success and getting out of bed is another one. Medication works wonders, yet it does need a helping hand. That’s where self-care comes into play.

Life of Cyn is a non-stop chronicle about it. Here I share my methods of coping, big and small. They all come from my personal experience and circumstances, and are in no way substitute for professional assistance. Nevertheless, if some of these things work for you or just make you happy, it certainly warms my heart.


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