More twists and turns for Life of Cyn?

Thinking, thinking, thinking hard. (image via MorgueFile)

Thinking, thinking, thinking hard. (image via MorgueFile)

Hello, there. Sorry for the long, long silence. For some reason I couldn’t get on my WordPress account. Maybe the computer finally got confused about me having so many blogs? Yep, there’s the one in Spanish about pop culture and the bilingual one about my work as a writer and editor. To avoid all the confusion and identities, and to appease the masses who roar “BUT HOW MANY BLOGS DO YOU HAVE THEN?” (not really, I don’t care about you, screw you), I want to sort of mosh things together at some point and offer everything in one single place.

I don’t know if doing it all in Spanish or bothering to go bilingual. If it’s all in Spanish, you could either Google Translate, learn some Spanish, or deal with it. Just like I’ve been doing with English for over 20 years! I see all these lovely French and German speakers who move at ease paragraph per paragraph in two different languages. I’d love to do the same, but I still feel all Dora-The-Explorer-Conscious.

Anyway, about THIS particular blog: I still want to talk about all the shallow and deep ways you can take care of yourself and improve your life for at least one jiffy. Nevertheless, I have realised there is one thing I am very, very keen on these days and that has been the most attractive thing to me during these two years I’ve lived in Britain: charity shops. I buy almost exclusively there, I volunteer for one of them, and love browsing around seeing the differences between shop and shop, between charity and charity. There are many blogs about scrimping, saving up and making things work, but I haven’t found any that reviews charity shops in particular. Might be time to do it myself? Of course, mentalist and activist stuff would still continue now and then. As I’ve said before, the arch-theme of it all is self-care, and charity shops are part of my self-care routine. Working in one of them has improved my life profoundly.

A change of name would be nice too. But it would not be a change of mind. I’m not like those fatshion boomers who came up ages ago being called “Fat Policewoman”, “Fatshion Fabiola” or whatever, all of a sudden vanished into thin air (LOL GEDDIT) and then came back smaller (no problem with that), changed their blog names to “Police Style” or “Fabiola Brown” (nothing wrong with that either), and then, with no trigger warning whatsoever, start reviewing w8 l0ss products and talking about how their size 20 bums were about to kill them and they’re going to kill you too. (stay away from me, now!)

So, no. Just because the blog name might get changed to “Charity Shop Cyn” (just an idea), doesn’t mean I don’t give a toss about life and self-care. And no, it doesn’t mean I will join the School of Snap Out of It concerning mental illness. And I will never talk to you about selflessness being The Cure.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, forever. Be selfish. Think about yourself. Don’t try to please the masses, because it will always be a lost cause.

In a nutshell: charity-shop focus, yes or yes?


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