Ann Harvey A/W 2012/3

Now that Fall has fallen, and that I’m trying my best to be an entrepreneural human being, I have been checking out a few lookbooks here and there. Lauren from Pocket Rocket has been posting some excellent ones.

As someone who is just venturing into the world of networking and professional meetings, I want to find things that are sober yet fun, elegant yet down-to-earth, mature and green at the same time. After all, I’m a Young Adult (eep!), and I don’t want one thing to overshadow the other.

Ann Harvey is quite new to me, but apparently it’s such a British institution, with almost 20 years in the market. Shares first name – and style – with the US Ann Taylor; but while Taylor has no deathfats in mind, Harvey at least tries to offer sophisticated, grown-up clothes for feminine people above straight sizes.

They were at Plus North in July, and gave me a CD/booklet with their Autumn/Winter collection. As it was summer and I am unaware of fashion news protocol, I waited for the right weather to arrive so then I could talk about it. While most of the things in the catalogue were more for my mother and aunts, I could find some golden nuggets I wouldn’t mind wearing during those cold morning meetings and late evening conferences.

This jacket is such a stunner, and so is the entire outfit. Femme, quirky, comfortable and cosy.

I like this dress. It brings a bit of colour and nature even in the darkest days, city covered in quick snow. Of course, with more appropriate footwear.

From the Portrait collection, the chest adornment makes this top look a bit 1920s, which is fine by me. Bringing some moxy into the office.

From the Anya collection, aimed at the younger customers. You can never go wrong with a poncho.

And here’s an outfit I made entirely out of the Ann Harvey clothes I own. It’s basic and stylish, but I like how the scarf stands out amidst the b&w and brown. I wore it to a networking meeting in Northampton with a certain amount of success.

Sorry about the mess (LOL NOPE)

Top, skirt and scarf: Ann Harvey
Leggins: Primark
Shoes: Absolute Vintage


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