Candy hair don't care

TW Sizism, sexism, looksism

Last week, Kath Read from Fat Heffalump wrote this heartbreaking post about being harassed and insulted just for daring to be a fat woman with turquoise hair. It has gone from pointing and laughing to full-blown sexual harassment. Going through such things sure can break the toughest cookie. These reaction can make fat people want to give up and go back to their previous monotone selves, get the most boring hair in the world in order to go unnoticed, and even resort to reductionism so they can “get away” with looking alternative but being respected just like Gwen Stefani or Kat Von D.

But not Kath. Being visible and free is part of her ethos. Candy-coloured hair, fun outfits, tattoos… always herself, always visible, never sorry.

She is one of my inspirations, and one of the people that made me more fearless about wearing bright colours and getting more visible tattoos. And now, it’s the hair. Because you only live once, and life is too short for not getting fun hairstyles and too long for having the same style forever.

I got really cheap hair dye in Northampton. It’s semi-permanent, so it does less damage and I can get it on and off as much as I want. The brand that I got is called Crazy Color, and I tried it in Aubergine and Candy Floss. Here are the results:

Bits of pink and purple.

More bits of pink and purple.

My previous highlights were the ones that grabbed the colour, but it’s still a lovely result. It’s still good as a start into the kingdom of candy hair. In a near future, I want to get thicker highlights or ombré, and get it done in a wider range of colours. Maybe turquoise next?


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