Mag Bonanza: SLiNK

I was meant to talk to you about this mag right after Plus North, but just kept forgetting it. Besides, I was already publishing infinite posts about the event, and I didn’t want to make you feel burnout. So we can be safe now to bring back all the Plus North discoveries.

One of these discoveries was SLiNK Magazine. The brainchild of Rivkie Baum, SLiNK has been around for a couple of years in an online format. It is available in print since earlier this year; and I really hope you can find it at all newstands soon, because it needs to be read.

SLiNK is a glossy mag that doesn’t treat their readers like tools. You will not find reductionist plans here, nor “suggestions” about humilliating deeds you must fulfill in order to satisfy your matey. It has plenty of fashion tips, but nothing to force you to wear the safest, most “flattering” options or DIE. SLiNK treats readers like independent beings with lives of their own and more sophisticated ambitions.


For instance, their Spring issue – the first on print – was introduced as “The Relationship Issue”. But no! It’s not about “pleasing your man more!1!!!”. There were beautiful articles about the relationship with yourself, with your body (written by dear Mrs BeBe), with food, your children, your family, even your accessories. If you want to read about your relationship with your sexual partner, grab any other glossy from the newstand, thank you very much! Life is a lot more complex than carnal love, and SLiNK knows it.

And the following one, this Summer, was dedicated to money. YES, YOU READ WELL. MONEY. It had great advice on saving up, controlling your finances, learning basic terminology, overcoming your fear of budgeting, etc. Something that, unfortunately, even on the dawn of the 21st century, is still quite nouvelle to see on a femme magazine. You know, because Sugar Daddy pays for our every whim.

Watch out, Uncle Karl.

The fashion pictures are done in well taste, with models who are over a size 14 wearing delicious clothes, and even lingerie! Also – mainstream fashion, beware! – fatshion-approved (and wallet-approved) alternatives to catwalk proposals. There are also interviews with novice and established models and designers of all shapes and sizes, and the questions are actually intelligent.

How many points of awesomeness are in this chilli with chocolate?

You can also find honest reviews of spa sessions and weekend getaways, recipes for varied and flavoursome food with no mention of calories and yucky invisible things, and a whole section where they review cars. That’s right. CARS. Cars ain’t just for cisbros, you know.


The Autumn edition is popping out tomorrow, and will be known as “The Freedom Issue”. Freedom? On a glossy? Yes, believe it or not!

I personally cannot wait for it to go on sale, so I can get my copy and swallow it from start to finish.

(Mel from Gladrags and Handbags already praised this magazine before, and I agree with her 1000%)


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