Curls and patterns

Today was a lovely, yet tiresome day. I went early in the morning to my new surgery to get routine blood samples, then took the buses all the way down to Kirby Firth to spend some time with the doggies at the RSPCA. Because I forgot to charge my MP3 player and they tell you not to bring one anyway, I used earphones to listen to some good ole’ radio on the mobile all the way. It was 6 Music, by the way. I love Lauren Laverne to bits, and I’m getting better at identifying her Geordie accent. Adorbs.

I got to take two dogs out for a walk: a huge Golden Retriever, and a tiny Chihuahua. Talk about extremes. Both of them, so cute.  The Chihuahua was a bit nervous and didn’t want to be cuddled. We shall remember shelter animals have mostly had difficult lives, and we have to respect their intimacy issues while also spending time with them to gain their trust and convince them not all humans are disgusting. And convince myself in the process that we homo-non-sapiens are not precisely scum of the Earth (it’s hard, tho).

Then I came back and got tucked in bed reading Love and Rockets’ Heartbreak Soup.

Oh, and I looked like this:

Pattern-clashing liek woa. Mexican cardi and necklace, F&F top, Simply Be handbag. Curls courtesy of Palmolive and Herbal Essences. So in love with my locks at the moment. 😀

Also, not wearing any make up except SKIN79 Orange BB Cream. Got a few SKIN79 samples off eBay, have been testing them and this one is my fave. Will probably make a post about it soon. So far I’ve tried Pink, Gold Caviar, and this one. Snail Nutrition comes next.


2 responses to “Curls and patterns

    • Awww thanks. You could look for your local RSPCA or animal shelter, and try to apply as a volunteer. You will love it, and so will the animals. :3


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