Neighbour-proof headphones for music lovers

We live in a lovely neighbourhood. Generally tranquil, students and families living in harmony, a walk away from the city centre,  near universities and museums, and with a long and lovely road full of shops and small cafés.

However, it can get quite noisy sometimes. A family across the street is selling its house, so they hired a scaffolding company to repair anything they can. One of the neighbours downstairs talks out loud all night and snores all day, blasting annoying music every now and then. And don’t get me started with the pub next door! In spite of having nice benches and a beer garden, there is nothing they enjoy more than smoking and shouting by our block’s windows.

I love our neighbourhood too much to even dare moving out, so I’ll just have to find ways to block out the noise. Playing music is one of those.

The kind people from Three sent me these Sony Monitor MDR-ZX300 headphones. I am a Sony girl at heart, and have almost exclusively used their products. My family trusts them with their eyes closed, my dad makes sure all his media gadgets are from this company, and my husband buys their earphones by the bulk.

I’m more of an earphones person, so I’m still trying to get the headband properly adjusted to my big big head. The muffs are comfy and plushy, tho. They fell almost like pillows on the ears, and are not at all like those old-school headphones that would disintegrate and leave black dust all over your sideburns.

A pet peeve I have with headphones in general is that it takes a while to find out which one is for the right side and which for the left – yes, I am that ANAL. On the Monitor headphones, the band on the right side is red, so that problem is gone. No more having to find a tiny, tiny R to make sure it’s all going in the correct ears.

Oh, and the sound? The sound is typical Sony quality. Epic bass, treble, being able to listen to ALL the layers of instruments and voices. Works wonders with the IDM I listen to concentrate when writing AND with post-punk drums-and-bass-loaded bands like ESG and Joy Division (truly makes justice to Hooky’s badass bass). They work wonders on laptops, android phones, stereo… whenever the noise outside bothers you, plug them to your media outlet of choice, and Bob’s your uncle!

I have noticed the new generations are quite unaware of the power of Sony, specially over here. They are more attracted to the smoke and mirrors of Beats and Skullcandy; and while I do like my Skullcandy Ink’d earbuds, they will never EVER be superior to the sturdy, ageless hi-tech works of Sony.

Oh, and have I mentioned they are cheap?! 20 quid for these ones, versus +£60 you have to pay for designer brands. And having a lifetime relationship with Sony, I can assure you they will last for ages.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by, and while they gave me the headphones for free, they didn’t pay me a single pence. The opinions are my own, and my own only.


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