Wilkinson back to school

On the way home from the RSPCA, between one bus and another, I pop to Wilkinson for any homeware we might need. Dunno about your local, but the one near the bus stop has STUNNING back-to-school stationary. As nice – if not nicer – as Paperchase, for a fraction of a price.

There are several collections this season. This one, for instance, is called Urban Skyline. Gillian Rodgers was inspired by Britain’s trademark buildings and plastered their silhouettes on bold backgrounds that remind us of industrial day and night.

This laptop case is such a beauty, rather affordable, and ample enough for my ginormous machine.

Sweet Shop was designed by Laura Davenport for all you baking babes out there. Quite sugary for my taste, honours its name to the max.

The same Laura Davenport who went wild on the sugarcubes with Sweet Shop, sobered herself up with Geometric. It is rather sleek and professional-looking, yet attractive and fun with its use of shapes, colours, patterns…

Couldn’t find who created the Nostalgia range, but more than a dozen of you would fall in love with it immediately. Vintage-like, adorned with old letters and stamps. I would actually want them all if it wasn’t for the butterflies and caged birds that reek “Illuminati” to me because I’m a smegging basketcase.

Cats and Dogs is very cute, and accurate to the circumstances in which I visit Wilkinson. Claire Carter got the idea from her rescued cat; so not only you save and help the companion animals you get at compassionate places: they also save and help you.

But this, this, THIS, should ALL BE MINE. The Photography collection was designed by the very young Jenny Callan, and it definitely puts Paperchase to shame! You could get that file box, for example, for the price of a notebook from “designer stationary” shops.

Still, their cheaper and “non-designer” stationary is lovely as well. For instance, these doily-like containers could beautify the darkest office and the dullest home studio.


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