Fitting room adventures: AX Paris at Simply Be

Oh, wow. Ages without getting here! How are you? I’ve been quite busy arranging everything for my small business of writing and editing services. It’s called Cynthia Escribe, and I can work on content about art and entertainment in English and/or Spanish. So if you need a dedicated and ethical copywriter or editor, you know who to call. 😉

Also, I started volunteering for Oxfam and RSPCA! I get to sell ALL THE PRECIOUS THINGS FROM THE SHOP and cuddle ALL THE DOGGIES. More about those, later. For real.

Because all work and no play makes Cyn a dull girl (even if my work feels like play itself), I still manage to have spare moments amidst errands. Today, I went down the town say hello to my new bank (yay!) and goodbye to my old one (good riddance!). After some scran at The Shires, I did some window-shopping at Simply Be.

I still remember the joy in my heart when I saw the AX Paris Curve collection online, so I nearly fainted like a Beatles fan when I saw it in stores, in the flesh – well, in the fabric.

What they have at the shop in Leicester is but a fraction of the inventory at the AX Paris website. However, it doesn’t mean a bad thing. They just had the best of the best, and none of those hideous sharkbite maxis that could just die in a fire. Nope. They had the fresh, the trendy, and the sleeveless.

Obviously, I had to try in some of the things. And here are some pictures for your sheer delight.

As many other bloggers have mentioned, the size runs a bit too small. So I followed your recommendation and went up one size. I’m usually a 20/22, but 24 worked fine.

It might make me look like a bad fat lady, a bad Manic Street Preachers fan, and a bad British resident; but here it comes: I am not an animal print fan. Nonetheless, I tried this Elasticated Waist Animal Chiffon Dress because you only live once, and let me tell you that I LOVED IT. Tried it on a 24 as advised, and it sat perfectly well everywhere. Almost like tailor-made, like that dress my mum made for me last year. It is so beautiful and comfy, and while it is animal print, it also manages to hold a perfect balance between classy and rebellious (whatever those things mean nowadays). I would totes buy it if you have me all your money.

The Heart Printed Chiffon Dress was adorbs and more down my street, but they only had it in a 22. It was fine, but a tad tight. I’m sure it would be dreamy in a 24. If it fits like the animal print one, that is. They are from the same material, so I trust them. And that curtain-like effect on the bottom is fantastic. Quite Ancient Greek.

Now onto the non-AX-Paris clothes:

This jumpsuit was on sale. 15 quid, because it had a hole in the leg. It was barely noticeable tho, and it could be cheaper to fix it than to get a new one in mint conditions. Alas, they only had it two sizes smaller and two sizes larger than me. This is the larger one; and while it is comfy and pretty, I don’t need that much fabric. It would be greedy and disrespectful for larger deathfats who struggle more to get pretty clothes. This is for them. I can just piss off to Primark.

This jumper is purdy, and I rather enjoy the look of the lace bits, but the fabric feels a bit itchy. I’m the princess on the pea, so don’t take my word for granted. Still try it on, folks. You could make it work better and without less pain.

At last, but not least, a Glamorosa office frock w i t h  p o c k e t s. Stylish, professional, bold colours, AND POCKETS. POCKETS. POCKETS. Quality and useful. Glamorosa runs a bit tight as well, beyond bodycon. It would have been brilliant if I tried it a size up or two, and I might invest on getting it for interviews and meetings. I can totally picture someone like Hanna wearing it at work just like this, tho; as bodycon is her signature look.

In a nutshell: only the best of AX Paris Curve is at Simply Be, and it’s great they have it in stores for you to try. Don’t get upset if you have to go up one or two sizes. Same applies with Glamorosa. The size tag does not matter, the comfort and beauty does.


One response to “Fitting room adventures: AX Paris at Simply Be

  1. Oh my Cyn.. I haven’t worn bodycons since Plus North.. They kinda scare me nowadays, so I’m shocked to see you saying that it is my signature look ;D. I guess I started braver than what I am now. (Or no, bravery is not the problem.. I just think that flowy stuff looks better on me.)

    ANYWAY, love the jumpsuit on you!

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