Near my house there’s a vintage store that sells second-hand stuff from all ages. Copies of Beano, rare vinyls, novelty clocks, sturdy furniture… you name it. The problem is that it’s rarely open, so whenever I walk by and by the grace of g*d find out the owner is there, I pop by and look at the pretty things.

This illustration, done by Audrey Dallas-Simpson, was to me the prettiest. I have a penchant for cute kitsch imagery, but seldom I wish I had one of them at home. They make me smile, laugh, go ‘aww’, but I wouldn’t hang them on my walls. But there’s something special about this one; and ever since I saw it, about a month ago, I felt like it was begging me to take it with me. I just felt like I had to have it. And now, after paying a fiver, I finally do.

The little girl reminds me of Penélope Cruz in Volver, one of my fave Almodóvar films. She was so smart, funny and beautiful in that flick, I actually got Bump-Its to try and emulate her style. All in vain, alas. I think I now understand the frustration of those beehived Scousers who want to look like Amy Winehouse.

Here I leave you with a scene of the movie, where Penélope performs for a party at “her” restaurant. The dialogue is dubbed in Italian, but the song is in original Spanish, recorded by Estrella Morente.


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