I really love plants :')

Due to poor waterproof protection in the building, the flat has had humidity problems for months. We have tried everything to control it and stop fungus and other disgusting bits from appearing on the walls. Amongst our rain of ideas, we decided to get some plants in an attempt to soak up the moisture AND make the place look prettier and nicer.

This has proven successful. Not sure if it solves the humidity situation completely, but it brings more life into our home.

It all started on April, when I went to Wahaca for the first time during one of my trips to London. Besides getting exquisite treats, we got books of matches rammed with Serrano chillies. I tried growing them as soon as I got home, but it seemed that there was no way they would ever come out for at least three weeks.

In the meantime, I got some grow-your-own herbs from Homebase: chives, coriander, parsley and basil. They were 99 pence each, and started sprouting in less than a week.

Once the herbs were tall enough to peep out of the containers, something miraculous happened: among the once-barren soil of its jar, grew a tiny stalk of pepper. And it continued growing and growing, until it became the tallest and most voluptuous plant of them all.

Then, while grocery shopping online, I ordered two pots of living mint for a pound. I planted them in random plastic pots – one of them used to belong to our ill-fated coriander – and placed them by the window with the rest of the herbs.

Later, we found living parsley at reduced-to-clear in the supermarket, and we planted it together with the other parsley. They are frienemies now: sometimes one sucks the life out of other, and sometimes they both grow with grace.

Went we went on our second honeymoon to the Olympics, I was afraid they would dry up and die forever. However, when we came back, they seemed to be doing quite well.

In fact, the basil is now SUCH A STUNNER:

And the pepper plant has flowers.

So does the mint.

Because I took my husband to Wahaca, we got more Serrano seeds, and now are growing more of those. Perhaps, in a few years’ time, we will have a pepper garden? Or at least a garden with tons of herbs, fruits and veggies. It would be splendid.


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