Dress yourself up: Mad Men

To be honest, I don’t watch Mad Men nor intend to. Drama series ain’t my cup of tea – real life gives me loads of it, thanks -, and I don’t really wish I lived in such a sexist, racist environment. It is kind of frustrating and upsetting to watch these things; and since that’s the same reason I stopped watching Life on Mars, I didn’t even bother giving it a try. Even if it shows it under a negative light, it still makes me spew unnecessary vile.


Mad Men Yourself

Dress up computer online games don’t usually cater for diversity. They’re all about fantasy. Uniform, biased, unimaginative fantasy. Mad Men Yourself goes beyond all that. The selection of characters includes more skin colours than the show itself, and the selection of bodies is not limited to ‘Christina Hendricks’ and ‘Everybody Else’. Yes, it is still limited to ‘hourglass, hourglass and hourglass”; but at least it is “skinny hourglass, medium hourglass and fat hourglass’. And not necessarily curvy-Christina-Hendricks-hail-the-queen-of-plus-size-OMG-we’re-changing-the-world, but actually deathfat.

This makes for a friendly environment where I know I am considered as a consumer and a person who does more than eating-and-crying in her spare time. They know I like pretty clothes, having a multifarious lifestyle, and that yes, I enjoy foods and drinks, but everybody else does.

Because I’m such a femme, I went for ‘skirts’. I wish it was all gender neutral and you could wear suits AND skirts, get lipstick AND a moustache, and be apple-shaped like the fat masculine option yet sport a high femme outfit. And that ALL shapes and sizes were represented. It would be easy to do, you know? And don’t use budget as an excuse, AMC: we all know you’re swimming in a pool of coins thanks to the success of your series.

And can we have a variety of shoes, please? Thank you.

Oh, well. Here’s me relaxing at an afternoon picnic. Keeping it glam above all things.

Mad Men Picnic

Here’s me at the office -LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL – with some freshly-brewed kwafee in an Anthora cup – g*d, I love them!

Mad Men Office

And because we can, here I am having a hot date with Don Draper. Of course, I dump him before anything happens because I’m not attracted to him at all. (FAT BITCH GOT SOME STANDARDS TOO!)

Mad Men Date

So, do you watch Mad Men? Do you have any idea what’s going on? Have you tried this – or any other TV/film-based dress up game – whether you’re a fan of the show or not?


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