Taking back time tip: something new each day

Thank you so much for your answers and help concerning my state of brain fog and zoning out. I will try to follow each of your advices and claim back my time and brain.

I told my husband about this struggle, and he was really kind and helpful. Just like me, he has an invisible condition; but he has got it since his very early teens. You wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at him. He has reached a stage where he can claim time and control it; and while I’m just an epic self-care seminarist, he’s a fucking priest. As part of his condition, he is not unfamiliar with brain fog and zoning out; and he knew exactly what I meant when I told him about it. His advice: do something new each day. It doesn’t have to be a magnificent deed nor it has to interfere with your duties. Just do it in a slightly different way each day. And while you’re unemployed, try learning something new, go somewhere else, take a different route, or do it inside your house if you feel like going out would be too much.

I needed some stationary, and the options to get it were two: either go to PC World at that grim car park near the train station (a car park that reminds me of those horrible days in Salford), or go all the way to Oadby to that small stationary place that had all the things. To follow my husband’s advice, I went for the latter.

My something new that day was doing my errands in Oadby, and treat it as a small day trip all over the main street. Even the journey to get there was a small adventure.

Recent acquisitions

I truly needed to go out of the house for a bit. Go on adventures and get lost. I not only got what we needed at that stationary heaven, but gave myself permission to deviate in the process. The charity shops with curious treasures cheaper than a cup of tea, the Co-Op supermarket playing ‘Coffee and TV’ while I was getting coffee (not TV), the travelling agency helping me exchange some birthday dollars (thus, allowing me to have money).

I took a distinct route back home. lnstead of getting on the usual bus straight to my road, l got on the one comming from there. So, l basically went the round way; and from the top of the double-decker, l had my own private sight-seeing Oadby tour.



Just chillin’

Other new things l have done so far include:

* Starting to learn Welsh
* Join the library knitting group and try learning crocheting
* Join my nearest Oxfam shop as a volunteer
* As my previous phone had a sudden death, go on a marathonic ordeal in order to get a new one, a beautiful Android.
* Write this post from said Android. (edit: hence the pictures were not uploaded at first. But you still read my tripe, without pretty pics. Wow.)

So yay. Thanks for your good wishes. Have a nice weekend.


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