Foodie Penpals Reveal – July

Foodie Penpals Comfort Zone

My original Foodie Penpal dropped out the day before the deadline. Different to previous experiences, it was the Penpaler and not the Penpalee. That is, the person who was going to send me stuff would not be able to do so anymore. In consequence, as the Foodie Penpal plan is getting from someone and sending to someone else, she was not going to receive her parcel anymore. Now, instead of getting what she would have sent to me, I got what she was meant to receive; and her Penpaler Nadine became my Penpaler.

Since the change was a bit short-noticed, Nadine had no chance but sending me what she had prepared before. She asked me if I was fine with it and if I had no allergies. It was OK. I was still excited to see what to receive, and she would obviously replace anything I didn’t like or couldn’t eat swiftly before sending out the parcel. She was particularly worried if I liked fudge or not, so it was a relief when I told her I do.

On Thursday, I got her parcel. It was so cute and practical, and inside a bag that said “comfort zone” – very fitting for the occasion, because that’s where the contents sent me to. 🙂

Foodie Penpals contents

She apologised “for the makeshift card”, and says it was all she “could manage to create at work”. But it’s so cute! It’s a lovely picture of a full tea service, and I’m a sucker for tea services.

The bag was full of yummy and nutritious snacks you could have on the go. It’s what her originally Penpalee asked for, but it’s something I really, really need to do when I get all low sugary and shaky while doing errands down the town. One can’t afford popping up at the nearest newstand forever, and it is not possible at all times – late at night, when the whole of UK closes down. So I will pop them in my handbag in case of emergency.

Foodie Penpals Blackcurrant Chocolate

Honestly, blackcurrants are my least favourite berries. However, they are surprisingly good when coated in white chocolate. Exceedingly good, and rammed with enough energy to come back to life. A fruity version of Popeye’s spinaches. They’re from Julian Graves, so when I run out of them I know I can get them again easily.

Foodie Penpals Raspberry Choc Log

Raspberry, however, is one of my favourite berries – tied in with strawberries. Therefore, I absolutely approved from the start the idea of Raspberry Choc Log. It is chewy (like licorice) and surprising. I didn’t know chocolate could work so well in chewy sweets. But it does. It’s made in New Zealand, with a Belgian recipe. Hail the Belgian gods!

Foodie Penpal Leonidas Fudge

Speaking of which, Nadine got the fudge from a shop that sells pralines and Belgian chocolates. It’s called Leonidas, but the fudge was done by Fudge Kitchen. It’s a Sea Salted Caramel Gourmet Butter Fudge, and it’s SUCH A DELIGHT. In America the Continent, we know it as Dulce de Leche; tho this one tastes more European and buttery. Such a luxury. I didn’t know what Nadine meant with “fudge” when she asked me if I liked fudge, and now I can say I REALLY love this fudge. Thank you so much. And thank you, Jessica, for indirectly bringing it in my life.

Foodie Penpal carrot and pecan punch

The only product I didn’t like at all was the Carrot & Pecan Punch trail mix. I’m not very friendly with carrots – unless they’re boiled and served with other veggies for Sunday roast -, and I despise raisins or anything that tastes like that. You know, like sultanas. I’m very sorry. As I’ve said, the package was arranged with another person in mind, so it’s all right.

Foodie Penpal Yogurt and Orange rice cakes

The Yoghurt and Orange Rice Cake, on the other hand, was EXQUISITE. I would have never thought orange and yoghurt would make a nice combination, but it does. It’s so fresh and energising. Perfect for the hot spells we’ve been having these days.

foodie penpal petite heart baking

Of course, there is space left for slow food and homemeade bakery. Nadine also sent these baking cases for muffins, cupcakes, etc. They are so adorable, and inspire me to make some treats one of these days.

So yay! Thank you very much, Nadine, for the yummy package. And, once again, thank you Rock Salt and The Lean Green Bean for keeping this wonderful idea alive. ^_^


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