NYC in the UK

Howdy, y’all? How’s everyone been? I’m just chillin’, thanks.

We had a larruping day down the town today, doing errands and having fun in between. As I’ve been planning to paint my hair again, I went into Superdrug to see if there were interesting hair dye colours. The pursuit was not successful, but that did not stop me from having a good time. A great time, indeed!

The people from NYC were offering free makeovers. I met NYC while studying in NYC – hehehehe – and appreciated its vivid colours and affordable prices. A couple of funky eyeliners from that time still inhabit my make up collection. Because of this, and because I deserve all the pampering in the world (and so do you!), I said ‘why, not’.

It was not an excellent result, tho. The make-up artist had a very limited palette at her disposal, and it was all glossy to follow current trends that are not my style. When husband saw it, he said I could have done a better job. However, it was still fun. My favourite discovery was their liquid foundation in Warm Beige. It matched my skin colour with such a seamless perfection, more than any other foundation in my life. It felt really heavy and suffocating, alas, and the weather didn’t help at all. I never wear foundation in a hot environment.

Anyway, the artist said my eyelashes were long, and that I looked like a doll. Who doesn’t like a bit of frivolous validation every now and then? 😉

And they had a photobooth! Mind the lack of photogenia, but I’m relatively knew to the use of photobooths for vanity and friendship purposes. I’m new to the idea that I deserve to be in a picture in the first place! But I will get there at some point.

New York Color

Another discovery (to moi, at least): NYC stands for New York Color. Shitting ALL THE BRICKS. :O

This was my fave shot of the bunch. Made me feel like a movie star! (without the tiles and tribulations of a movie star, fortunately)

New York Color close up

Here I’m sporting my epic flowery Wayfarer ripoffs from Isle of Wight. On my pinky, a Mood Ring I bought at a charity shop! Remember Mood Rings? They are back for good. Mwahahaha.

Can you guess my mood in the picture? :P

Can you guess my mood in the picture? 😛

How’s your weekend been?


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