Seize the highs and plan for the lows

Remember that time I wrote about coffee, and clothes, and Foodie Penpals, and a Graze box jewellery tutorial, in the span of two weeks? Well, guess what? Those were scheduled posts, written on a two-day rampage that also included reviews and content for other blogs and websites. Two-weeks worth of material written in two days.

I wish I could work like this all the time, but I can’t. Hypothyroidism and depression are such capricious and unpredictable illnesses. You can be fine and dandy one day,  but the next day you can sink into your bed, swallowed by aching limbs and negative thoughts.

If there’s anything I have learned during all these years of highs and lows and lows and highs, is to seize the high moments and plan for the low ones. I know every person is different, so you don’t have to do it; but this is what I do.

Do what you want. When you want to. All of it.

Sometimes I not just go through high phases, but through high phases of certain activities in particular. It can be writing, DIY, reading blogs about one topic or another, cleaning up, web designing, and even more intimate, x-rated workouts. Whichever activity you’re into, do it as much as possible and as much as needed not just for today but for tomorrow. Washing ALL your clothes, printing and pasting labels on all your spices, sending all your pending parcels, replying all the e-mails from friends and family you can’t usually bother with, cooking enough for the week, emptying your RSS feed account post by post, grabbing a good ol’ printed publication before bedtime – if bedtime ever comes. Do it like it’s your last day on Earth, because it might as well be, but…

Don’t spit it all out right away.

A few years – even months – ago, I used to have a visible blogging pattern: once a month, for about four or five days, I would post something new every day. Deep articles crammed with research and philosophical pondering, random findings on the Internet, event reviews on the spot.. and then, silence. I would go down and ask myself “why bother?”, and dedicate the rest of the month sulking or doing too much of something else. So many fresh meals, they would rot; so much walking, it would shatter my legs. If you know whatever lifts your spirit today might not make you venture into waking up tomorrow, schedule. Prepare your blog posts so they get automatically published once every couple of days; freeze your meals or pack them so they last you enough for the working week – mason jars are hella cute -, and clean up and organise like you know you won’t do it next time – but grab them as you need them and put them back in place as soon as possible, if you have enough spoons for that. All this planning ahead while you’re fine won’t make you feel guilty about neglecting things while you’re not.

I wrote this post last Friday, but scheduled it ahead enough so it would be published this Thursday. Right now – Thursday – I might be too busy sewing stuff/hoovering/crying myself to sleep *touch wood* to bother, but at least you’ll have something to read in the meantime, and at least I will know I had something to said and I did it.


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