Plus North, part 4 (and final)

This is the last part of my Plus North report, I swear! I really, really do! It just was so big and complex, I didn’t feel like it would do justice to speak about it in one small post. Nor in ONE HUGE POST that will bore everyone.

After the catwalk and the pleasant surprise, we checked the sponsors stands as much as we could.

By the time we came down from cloud nine, most of the stalls were closing. The event was meant to end at six, but by quarter to five many people were leaving. Oh, well. We got to see a few of the really nice frocks brought by Excite Clothing, and will take a deeper look into their catalogue online.

The people from Ann Harvey were also there, and they gave us a CD and print catalogue of their A/W collection. It’s more like the stuff my mum would wear – although I got one of their jumpers at Katie’s clothes swap, and I love it to bits! -, so I will see if they have something for her.

I actually spoke to Jelena and Kiki from Dea London before the catwalk while waiting for a make up girl to be free. While being some of the first to settle themselves in their stall, they were one of the brands that stayed longer than the rest. They were so kind and lovely. And the clothes? AMAZING. It is really, really hard to find office wear if you are larger than a certain size; and they not only fill in the gap, but do it in such a style and quality! They deserve a post of their own. I then took David to see them, and he shared my excitement. Now he wants them to make office clothes for men as well, all colourful and classy. And I want them to make more dresses with pockets because dresses with pockets never fail.

I also spoke tons to Chloe from Life’s Big Canvas. She’s such a creative lady who truly loves what she does. She was selling fun and affordable hand-crafted jewellery, inspired literally by EVERYTHING.

I mean, how cool is this?! Barbie as The Sun from Teletubbies. 😀

We also spoke about tattoos, and she gave me some recommendations of places where to get a nice one next time I venture up north.

All the things in this tray were a pound each. People went off the hook for the magnetic letter charms.

The “c” letter charm was gone by the time I came back with her to show off her stall with David, but I still bought a couple of really nice treats from her: chair earrings (the very first thing I saw and made me go WOOOOOOOOOOO!) and the cutest birds-with-a-clock necklace. All for a bargain. :3

This small Cambridge-like satchel was another bargain. I got it from Simply Be for a fiver, and I have used it every single day. It’s so practical and colourful. My husband says it reminds him of Neapolitan ice cream, and it reminds me of Orange Mocha Frapuccino. Orange Mocha Frapuccino Berry?

Weeks before, Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge had an online sale, and these multicoloured white Converse were screaming my name. So she took them to Plus North, and we made the transaction in person. They were so nice, I wore them right after the catwalk. The perfect balance between style and comfort.

At last, but not least, we managed to tackle The Mighty Boof photobooth. You’ve seen most of the other bloggers sharing endless shoots with all kinds of eccentric props. They were almost closing when we felt like having our photos done, and we begged them for a chance. After us, Kiki had a last chance to play with it; and it was only fair for her to be the last, as she was the first to have her pictures taken, and she was actually showing them off to us earlier at the Dea London stall.

It was an epic weekend, brimful of friends, lovely people, unity, confidence, love, style, and all the things we fatties are systematically denied. We had it all, we have it all, and we surely deserve it.

Thank you so, so, so much, Toni, Becky and Mhairi, for making it happen. I cannot wait for the next edition. You are all amazing. 😀


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