Plus North, part 3 (the catwalk!)

Our make up was sorted, our hair was in its right place, our first outfits were in our bodies, and our second ones were hanging in the changing rooms next to the clothes we were wearing before. It was now our time to shine.

We waited in line, all over the hallway stairs, for Charlotte to call our names so we could spring into action. There was no competitiveness, no bitchiness, no pushing-down-the-stairs-showgirls-style. We supported each other, cheered and clapped for each other, and wished each other the best of lucks.

Then, it was on. It was really, really on.

I don’t know where I got so much confidence from. I was awkward and clueless. As you can see on the video, I briefly stopped before I needed to pose for the professional shots; and I’m glad Found On Film managed to edit that and make it look as smooth as possible.

This was the first outfit. A stunning cream dress by Frocks and Frill.

Image: Simply Be

For round two, I wore a Joe Browns top that was basically a dress. To me, anything that’s longer than bum-length is a dress. Pardon my English as a Second Language… not!

Image: Simply Be

As soon as I finished, I walked upstairs to see the swimsuit and lingerie models – badass! – when I noticed something I couldn’t quite believe at first.


I was 100000000000000000000000% convinced he wouldn’t come, BUT HE DID. He had actually told me his ankle was really sore and that he had gone to the doctor that morning. The perfect alibi. He actually planned, weeks before, to go to Leeds and see me model as a surprise. And what a surprise! I could hardly handle the excitement. When we did the final walk all together, I blew him a kiss. People might have thought I was just being too photogenic, but I wasn’t! I was just in love. 😛

Image: Rebecca Northcott © 2012

Once the catwalk was over, I rushed into his arms, bawling with joy and showering him in kisses. A bit like Miss Piggy when Kermit and the Muppets storm into her Vogue office in Paris (at 1:24)

It was like in the movies! Except, happening to a fatty!

But this fatty had to go back upstairs for a post-catwalk shot.

The make up was still intact. Wow. Image: Simply Be

A group shot, with all the strong and beautiful bloggers. Nicola, Kaye, Lolly, Kirsty, Anita, some-girl-whose-name-I-cannot-remember-but-is-charming, Rebecca, Janie, Dani, Hanna, Rosie and Kathryn.

Image: Simply Be

Raising the goodie bags with pride!

Image: Simply Be

Oh, and we also got to keep our outfits as a reward. Yay!

Coming up next: more adventures after the catwalk experience.


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