Plus North, part 2

Sunny Leeds. Wow!

The event itself, as I’ve mentioned, was really positive and safe.

I arrived at the venue not really knowing what to expect. I thought it would be a small events hall, like the kind people rent for baby showers. Or even a classroom-like auditorium with a projector, and that was it. It would have been fine anyway. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, the place was MAJESTIC

I was a bit sad for not being able to go to the Unskinny Prom (and Fattylympics; ALL THE THINGS AT THE SAME TIME), but this was a bit like a prom in the sense of happening in a huge glamorous venue, with tables, lights and music. It was like a prom, or like a Quinceañera/Sweet Sixteen/all-those-things-they-never-invited-us-to-as-teenagers-because-we-were-too-uncool. At last. 🙂

Simply Be was proud sponsor of the event, and in charge of a plus size fashion catwalk. Some of us already had already gone through the modelling experience with less than fortunate results. However, this time was infinitely better. A perfect example of what a catwalk show involving volunteering and brave bloggers should be like.

Charlotte from Simply Be was her usual caring self, and both her and the rest of the staff were kind and friendly at all times. None of them were fat at all, but that didn’t mean they would see us like a burden. We were all human, after all. Human who like wearing nice clothes and feeling at home in them.

Each one of us got two outfits to try on, in our size and chosen loosely according to our everyday style. At first I got two quite sombre dresses, and I was feeling like wearing something quirkier and more twee pop. Charlotte let me swap with others as they arrived, and maybe choose something from a rack full of spare clothes. So I gave Kathryn the black skater dress – and she managed to totally make it work-, and she gave me a flowery black dress she wasn’t very keen on, but that I LOVED. Later, from the spares, I found the dreamiest white-cream dress, also flowery to continue with the trend. Some of us were taking our clothes off in public, while a dressing corner was being built. I mean, at least Kathryn and I had seen each other in underwear at Plus London Two. No shame.

Some make up artists from Benefit were there to paint our faces and make us feel more and more like royalty – or even better!

Make-up artists doing Kathryn and the beautiful Kaye

The lady doing Kaye in the picture did me later; and after asking me what was I going to model, she produced a very natural and fresh look to match. I’m a fan of the Porefessional, which did not fail to surprise me in a more professional (LOL GEDDIT?) environment. She respected my eyebrows, yet gave them an extra touch using Browzings (which I want/need right now!), and whichever mascara she used was spotlight-proof, work-proof and drama-proof.

Look at all this beautiful make-up! Shame it wasn’t cheap at all. Not even a Plus North discount? Come on! *cheapskate*

Because she remembered I didn’t have the chance to do anything to my hair in Plus London Two (aww!), Kathryn let me borrow her GHD while she roamed around the venue. Now I understand the furore over GHDs. They are MAGIC! I’m used to spending hours trying to straighten my hair and watching it poof back right after I turn off the styler, but not this time! It got straight and stayed straight for days, at least until I bothered having a shower on Monday.

When I went to get my badge, I realised there was a stall where Rebecca and another lady were painting nails for free. So I sat with Rebecca for a quick manicure, and had the opportunity to chose from a wide selection of varnishes. The one that caught my eye – and my heart – was Strawberry Margarita. It was so alive and pink, and the crappy mobile picture doesn’t do any justice. We had a nice chat while she was painting my nails; and it was a bit like when normal people go to the manicurist they have known for so many years and they talk to each other in the process, something I’m rarely familiar with as a shy, always moving-around person. There was a wonderful feeling of femme camaraderie.

OK, I will talk about the catwalk in another post, because it was UNBELIEVABLE.


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