Plus North, part 1

Most sincere apologies for not writing this post soon enough. This week was kind of rough, as I had a case of Fat Bird Flu, an obesity-related cold that was given to me by my skinny husband. Oh, dear!

Last week was one of the most expected events in the plus sized community: Plus North, organised by the ever so lovely Becky and Toni, inspired by the previous editions of Plus London.

After a lot of indecision and fear-of-the-north, I managed to venture into the wilderness of Yorkshire a day before the event. Because of the weather, the bus departed about an hour later than expected. Had we known about it, my husband could have been able to catch up with me after work and say goodbye to me at the station. So I was there, all alone, missing him already. Big soppy thing.

This is England ’86

And when I say wilderness, I mean it. Just look at this river in Sheffield!

For someone with a grim story up north, and amidst the most confusing summer ever lived (RAIN IN JULY?!), I really enjoyed the journey. It was full of beautiful architecture, green imagery, and a lot of discoveries (there’s a Frankie & Benny’s half an hour-drive away!).

The bus arrived in Leeds at about 9:30 pm, and we were all safe and sound. Mel and Phil received me at the station, and were nice enough to let me sleep in their house. Well, not their house house really, as it was a temporary place they were staying at while the landlord did some changes. However, I managed to meet their real house as well. It was small and cosy, but with a gigantic kitchen – the things that dreams are made of – and tons of adorable, fruity and flowery stuff. And a BBQ yard! I didn’t take a picture of it, but it was really cute.

Then we went to the other house, and I got to meet Lily. Such a fluffy and lovely cat.

We had Mel’s signature pasta bake – nice and filling -, listened to 6music, and read random reference books. Such as this one:


Its rudeness made me blush from page one, quite an achievement considering it was written ages ago and I am from a generation that has seen it all.

Will never think of Goldfrapp the same way ever again. And no, you don’t want an image description!

Anyway, I slept in the spare room, on such a niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice mattress. Nevertheless, I wasn’t asleep for too long. I was very excited, you see! So I woke up ridiculously early, took a shower, and took a quick power nap before heading off to Aspire and prepare for an afternoon of modelling, unity, friendship and surprises.


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