Dress yourself up

Dress up games to make your own cartoon version of yourself are tons of selfish, useless, neverending fun. Make yourself look like a character of The Simpsons, or South Park, or Mad Men. Or like a drawing of a certain theme that is not necessarily based on a show.

This is the Deluxe Pin Up Maker, from Doll Divine. As the name says, it allows you to make a digital drawing of yourself as a pin up girl. Skin tone, make up, hairdo, clothing, prints, tattoos, backgrounds… everything is possible and easy to alter. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut don’t you notice something?

Here is my creation. My pin up version of myself.


Exceeeeeeeeeeept, not really. The eyes, skin, eyebrows, hairdo, make up and outfits might be appropriate, all within cartoon limits. However, it is missing something quite characteristic in a physical description of myself.

The pin up girl is skinny. I am fat.

There is no way in the game you can modify your pin up’s size or shape. It has to have the same body, and the same nose. In the world of dolldivine, there is no such thing as a fat pin up model.

So, by the grace of Photoshop (you know, the programme some basic bitches use to make themselves look thin), I made it look more like myself.


Still not quite deathfat, still not quite accurate, but still a bit of a statement.

It is fun to see yourself in a parallel fantasy world, but not everyone includes being thin in their fantasy (see The Fantasy of Being Thin).  Some people’s fantasy is limited to wearing pretty clothes, living in a cool world of drive-thrus, warriors, princesses, stylish offices, funny neighbours, jetpacks, whatever, while being yourself and your circumstances. The fantasy of having it all just as you are. The Fantasy of Being Respected As You Are. That is my fantasy. That’s what I want to dream about, and what I want to turn into a reality.

And I want a pink jumper with black polka dots too.


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