All (well, most of) the clothes swapped!

You might remember almost a month ago, Katie from Toodaloo Katie organised a clothes swap at her lovely terrace in Bethnal Green. A dozen or more of us enjoyed that Saturday afternoon full of sun, music, companionship, and sharing. I got there with a bag full of clothes to give away, and came back home with the same bag full of clothes to love and wear!

You’ve already seen one of my acquisitions. However, now that the summer tried to come back earlier this week and many of the clothes I chose were summery perfection, here are a couple of outfits made entirely of clothes from the swap. From head to toe, including some of the accessories.


This jumpsuit was the best thing ever. It used to belong to Sally, as seen on this picture. She says her mum told her she looked like Andy Pandy – which is not true, but she wasn’t entirely feeling this item of clothing. WELL, I WAS!  The love at first sight – and wear – was so hard, I kept it on after trying it, and came back home wearing it. As I told her there and then, “now I’m Andy Pandy!”, and proud. 😀

I’m not usually a jumpsuit person, basically because of one reason and one reason only: how do you go to the toilet wearing one of them!? I put this to the test, and found out lavatory adventures were relatively easy. Taking it off makes you feel like a snake shedding skin rather than a knight removing their armour. It’s very light, fresh and femme. As a bonus, it is well protected by a black layer underneath, so you can get away with not wearing a bra underneath. Freedom!


I’m not a maxi skirt person either. It makes me feel like one of those ladies who knock on your door and talk about Jesus. But not this one! It used to belong to Sian, this gorgeous tattooed chick I met at the swap for the first time. She suggested I could wear it as a tube dress if the length was too much to me, but I’m surprisingly fine wearing it like this at the moment. It’s very fluffy and breathable, and the neon blue-purple-pink flowers pattern would be banned from most evangelical churches, so it’s a grand exception to my maxi skirt insecurities.


The top is adorable! It’s Yours Clothing, and meant to be for sleepovers and lounging around, I think? Of course, I still wear it for roaming round the town. I’ve worn it to the dentist, to the grocer’s, to the park, and the city centre. Talk about going out in your pyjamas. When my husband saw it, he said the cereal looked like the one I have for breakfast – Wheatos. So it’s an accurate piece of clothing. MY LIFE. 🙂

The pink trainers, just like the golden flats, were Katie’s. They are so beautiful and comfy, and make me want to wear trainers more often. They’re better and more practical for stepping into town and back.

Someone brought rings to the swap, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. My fingers are as fat as the rest of my body, so finding rings can be a pain in the arse. So, when I saw this emerald-like cocktail ring, and noticed it fitted me like custom-made, I knew it had to be mine! A few weeks later, I wore it at a birthday party, and got a few compliments on it.

As the title says, these are not ALL the clothes I got at the swap. I will gradually show the rest at some point. 🙂


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