First, hello again! Due to meatspace circumstances, I have changed the name of the blog to Life of Cyn. The URL has also changed, as you may notice, as well as my twitter account. It’s all lifeofcynuk. So it was a nice opportunity to revamp the website too and make it look a bit prettier.

My husband organised a PubAthlon for his workmates. Because they didn’t have enough people to split into equal teams, I joined as a wildcard. Alas, my performance was not very wild. I did poorly at darts and pool, and the only activity I had the slight chance of winning (pub quiz) was forbidden for me because I helped making some of the questions. But that didn’t bring down my team’s performance. We had a MASTER at everything. He got all the gold medals, all the trophies, and at the end made us win individual gold medals for the Team Event. So here is mine!


This is not what I wore at the event, but what I wore today. I got this black New Look Inspire top at Toodaloo Katie’s swap. It was lots of fun, by the way. Got tons and tons of good stuff and got to see other people wear my stuff and enjoy it. I wouldn’t have chosen this blouse by myself in a million years, but Claire released her magic Gok Wan superpowers, grabbed it from the bunch of tops on the floor, showed it to me and, with a smile on her face, said “this would look great on you”. I was like “really?”, and she just nodded. I had read about her extreme stylist skills, so I trusted her blindly, tried it on, and loved it to bits.


It’s a very useful top for almost any occasion. Here I wear it in a casual manner with my dear DP white skirt, but I could also see myself wearing it with some grey trousers and blazer, black shoes (maybe heels, for the lolz), and some discreet but cute accessories and hairdo for an office job. Or, if I went out for a Goth night, throw it on my Carmakoma flax dress (to make the bottom look like a skirt), with long black boots, curly long hair with extensions, and some heavy, heavy make up. Maybe with light grey contact lenses?


The Steve Madden gold flats are another find from the swap, and they used to belong to Katie. She felt a bit uncomfortable wearing them, but I feel like walking on the air. Yeah, it’s the second pair of golden shoes I have, but the more the merrier!


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