Cat eyes

cat eyes cover

Lately I’ve been quite busy training myself to become a proper freelance, so here I’ll just leave you with a couple of experiments I’ve done with eye make up following random tutorials on the Internet. I was going to give publicity to the people, but they don’t deserve it because of them being hideous on the inside. You can look them up in YouTube, but I am afraid they might eat you. So I’ll just leave you the results.

Look One:




Look Two:





Which one do you prefer? I like the wings bit on the first one, but you can never go wrong with basic cat eyes. I remember being on the underground with Lauren on the way to Plus London and being amazed at her swift make-up applying abilities. Been practising like Karate Kid for weeks now, but I still don’t think I have the skills to do it inside a vehicle in motion. I actually prefer doing it at home, in front of the computer, while playing the tutorial. It feels like I’m applying with a friend! Haha, loser. 😛

On the over-all looks, I prefer the first one. It’s a lot more classic femme. Even that new handsome guy in the block dared to talk to me. Heh!


The second one was a bit more frumpy, methinks. But I was not in the mood for free hair.


And the answer to that question you probably had in mind: nope, I didn’t have any other colours of liquid eyeliner when I did these looks, but that problem was solved precisely this week. More on that, later.


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