International No Diet Day 2012


Today is International No Diet Day. There is not much that can be said about it that has not been said, specially as it is the 20th edition this year. For a quite extensive and somewhat upsetting information on its origins, check the Wikipedia entry [TW: diet talk, stomach mutilation, bullying, suicide, and an external link with cissexist graphics] here.

As Jen from Fuck the Diets says, some people take it as a joking pretext to eat ALL THE FOOD and continue dieting the following 364 days of the year. It is not like that. Celebrating your body and nurturing it as it demands – and as your time/budget/emotional health demands – is a year-long activity. There is no universal plan that will turn everyone into pretty health machines, and certainly there is no technique in the world to permanently transform you into something you are not meant to be. Listen to your body. Treat it like your temple. You may gain, lose, or keep the same weight; but you will be healthier, or at least happier. Not oppressed. In complete ownership of yourself.

TW diet talk, mental and physical health issues.

My first diet was when I was 9. Fucking NINE. I used to read labels and everything. I should have read books instead. My last diet was when I was 20. None of them worked considerably. When I was fourteen I lost about ten kilos in a summer, but gained them all back right on time to meet my first attempt of cyber-boyfriend. He said ‘let’s be friends’. Never spoke to him again. When I became a vegetarian, aged 18-19, I gained ten kilos and felt the happiest and healthiest. OB/GYN told me to drop them. Something that eventually happened when I was 22, doing nothing but gestating an autoimmune thyroid disease and spending too much time with the worst people, being hella unhappy and almost falling bottomless into sheer madness. Hallucinations included. Oh, but people were yapping about me looking healthy now.

This is why I don’t believe in dieting nor weight-loss ‘miracles’. It is all completely irrelevant. It has nothing to do with happiness.


Now onto the fluff.

Yes, they are messy. No, I do not care.

Yes, they are messy. No, I do not care.

To celebrate, I painted my nails light blue. China Glaze in ‘For Audrey’ (you know, its attempt to recreate Tiffany blue. Geddit? Audrey? Tiffany’s?), with Technic glitter varnish in ‘Mermaid’. Merbabying hard.

Remember the O.P.I. Muppets glittery varnish? This Technic one is a really great substitute for ‘Gone Gonzo!’, but way way way cheaper. While Gonzo’s is limited edition and can go up to 10 quid and more on eBay, ‘Mermaid’ was 99 pence at Bodycare in The Shires. They also had a brown/red one that looked a bit like Miss Piggy’s ‘Excuse MOI!’, for the same price. Excuse MOI indeed!

With the amount of money you could use for a Muppets varnish, you can get yourself a cheap one, and eat ALL THE FOODS. The ones you can, and want, of course.


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