Hungry for a Battle

This is my eye make-up today.


Because I am wearing a combination of black and green (no pictures yet, sorry), I wanted some greenness in my eyelids to match.

A couple of weeks ago, I was really excited because I finally learned how to put on liquid eyeliner on my upper lid. After more than a decade wearing make up, this was a milestone achievement to me and my shaky hands. Itatí, a stylish friend from back in Mexico, congratulated me and recommended I checked out the video tutorials of Lauren Luke a.k.a. panacea81. I seem to be the last person on Earth to  have ever heard about her, but she is quite a YouTube celebrity. She has books, a video game, a Wikipedia page, and even released her own make up brand with Sephora some time ago. All of this, without ceasing to be a down-to-earth single mother from Tyne and Wear. This is the first video I saw of her, a very recent one, and it almost fit to perfection at what I was aiming for.

Except, of course, for the peacock eyelashes. I’m not a fan of fake eyelashes, and they are not very practical for walking all the way to the bank under pouring rain anyway.


I didn’t have the precise brands nor colours she mentions, but I used similar greens. The mint green is from a Primark palette, the darkest green is from a dual eyeshadow palette from Nars, the green eye-liner is New York Color from a chemist in New York City, and the liquid dark blue eye-liner is Maybelline from a chemist over here. I have no Primer Potion like Lauren does, so I used regular corrector instead.


Eyelashes, like I’ve said, are all mine.


Here I try to show you off my recently acquired upper-eyelid eye-lining skills. Not perfect, but a good start.

Another thing I’m not a fan of, besides fake eyelashes, is The Hunger Games. Lauren Luke is trying to get a look inspired on the book/film, but I couldn’t care less. Do some research on the film’s whitewashing and racist fandom complaints concerning the people of colour who were cast correctly. Besides, it’s a rip off from Battle Royale. Maybe less gore and more ‘family-friendly’. But a rip off nevertheless.


If I ever went to the cinema – maybe paid? – to watch it, I’d go wearing this choker that came on my goodie bag from Simply Be’s VIP event. It looks like a glamed-up version of the chokers in Battle Royale, so it would be sort of a statement. I mean, if Hunger Games fans have jewellery like in the story…


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