It Girl, Rag Doll

On the previous post I mentioned I am now trying to get my hair all curly. While it’s very nicely curly when short, it gets rather wavier as it keeps growing. I want my hair long and curly, because I’m a greedy bitch.

Messy Carla talked about rag curls on one of her recent posts, and suggested trying YouTube for tutorial videos. So I did this, and followed the steps of this adorable Canadian lady.

She has many other nice hair tutorials, with or without heat, and you can subscribe to her videos to keep up.

I used the excess of this t-shirt I’m modifying, and tore it to rags of about 1-2 cm. wide. The wider the rags, the wider the curls.


Husband loved my hair wrapped up in rags. It’s quite odd, because I felt like I looked like the caricature of the frumpy woman/’fodonga’, or like a Mother-In-Law from Hell. In Mexican television, a bit like Doña Florinda from El Chavo del Ocho or Catita from Dr. Cándido Pérez. But he loved it as a hairdo. Maybe he related it more to late 90s fashion? More like Björk in the ‘Big Time Sensuality’ video?

Here were the results, after about 20 hours (yep, I was too lazy to remove them earlier) with the rags on.


It was quite wild, actually. I loved it, but my hair is still too short and voluminous to wear it all loose and curly. That’s why I tried making it look more like a better composed hairdo, with one bobby pin on each side.


I really like it this way. Maybe less tight and less time next time? And when it gets longer, it will look much better. I know it can get very awesome, like in my pox party in 2007.

Pox Princess!

Pox Princess!

Or like, at the height of its awesome wilderness, in 2008.

God, was I skinny! And unhappy. Thyroiditis and bad friends were such an effective diet. (!)

God, was I skinny! And unhappy. Thyroiditis and bad friends were such an effective diet. (!)

But I like it right now. I enjoy almost every single phase my hair goes through. It’s fun.


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