Bottega Verde

I met Bottega Verde when my family came to see me after a trip to Italy. They left me some of the shower products they had bought so they didn’t have to pack much on the way back. I can honestly say that I loved them, and looked for stockists everywhere in England. While my quest has been unfruitful, I managed to find their website and order some things from them. They sent the parcel all the way from Tuscany, via UPS, exactly one week after placing the order.


These are the things I got:

Sandalwood Bath & Shower Gel, Strawberry Bath & Shower Gel, Almond Delicate Shampoo, Black Vanilla Home Essence, Black Vanilla Body Cream, Clay and Tangerine Purifying Face Mask.

Sandalwood Bath & Shower Gel, Strawberry Bath & Shower Gel, Almond Delicate Shampoo, Black Vanilla Home Essence, Black Vanilla Body Cream, Clay and Tangerine Purifying Face Mask.


The bagnodoccia (bath & shower) gels are lush. They smell deliciously, and feel soft in the skin. When I ordered them, they had a nice discount. Sandalwood was from 3.49 Euros to 2.87, and Strawberry from 2.99 to 2.46. Since Middle School, I had looked for a strawberry-scented shower gel that wasn’t too sweet and annoying, and I think I’ve found the right one. They had other berries at the shop, and other plants as well. I had tried Bamboo gel and Coconut Lime gel through my parents, and while they were very nice, I wanted to try something new and choose what was best. Now I know I prefer Sandalwood to Bamboo, and Strawberry to Coconut Lime. Might get more variations later, just to try them all.


The almond shampoo was also one of the things my parents had given me, and it was one of the best shampoos I had tried in my life. Yeah, one has to alternate every now and then so your hair doesn’t get bored; and eight months without it was about enough for a shampoo hiatus. It is very delicate, the smell is really soft, and it’s not very damaging to your ears and other facial holes – I mean, some people use almond oil to clean their ears for a reason. It’s quite moisturising. I used it along Pantene conditioner for curls (I’m going through a curls stage now!), and they seem to be compatible. Didn’t have enough money to order a matching conditioner. Maybe you could.


This mask is unbelievable. It feels – and smells! – more like a cream than a mask. While you wait for it to harden, you’re just pleasantly distracted by the mandarin scent. It didn’t have any strange reaction, fortunately, so it’s quite gentle. When I removed it in the shower, it felt like washing off shower gel or something. And my skin is very soft and clean now.


This one was a freebie! As soon as you get on the website, there’s an advert letting you know that you’ll be getting a Black Vanilla Body Cream, for free, and that it’s already in your online cart. I’m not a cream person – and I didn’t need any after shower as the strawberry bagnodoccia was smelly and moisturising enough -, but it’s OK for sudden dry-hands crises, I guess.


As someone who likes having reed home essences, I got one for about the same price I pay for the ones I usually get from TK Maxx. It smells of Black Vanilla, like the cream. It is very intense, and I usually like that about home essences. Alas, this time it’s too strong and sweet for me, almost revolting. When my husband came home, he had a horrible allergic reaction, hayfever-like. On the label, we found out it contained coumarin (comes in vanilla grass), hydroxycitronellal, and citronellol (could be found in roses, to which husband is quite allergic to). We’ve asked for a refund now, or for some kind of compensation. Maybe with that money I could get a matching conditioner or something that does not actually contain allergic agents. No home essences tho. Never again.

Over all, a good European company that is proud of using ingredients from mother nature. But while they’re great at body products, we’re better off without their home products. And I swear Merlin had nothing to do with that.


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    • Uts, pero estoy bien lejos. A ver si los pruebo en una desas que vaya a México. 😀 Saludos!

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