Golden years, golden Oxfords

As I told you on the latest post (ages ago, bad blogger!), one of my self-birthday presents was the P.S. – I made this… book. As a big fan of the whole concept, I was very eager to do as many transformations as possible. We went to the shoe shop near the city market for shoes for my dad and my husband, and I ended up dodging something perfect for one of the projects: a pair of canvas sneakers, for £1.50. While they were of the same brand, they were from slightly different models, and even had a different kind of logo each. One of them was light grey and the other was a bit darker. My entire family where quite worried about it, but I had it all under control. Even the shop assistant was like ‘but… they are different!’, and ended up selling them to me for a quid (yusss!). I did not care about the shades of grey. I didn’t even care about the different logos. All I wanted to do was this:

Gold Oxford Shoes! I’m not showing you much of the process because then you won’t buy the book and Erica might get upset with me – as if!. Just let me tell you you need golden spray paint, a golden marker, chains and brass fasteners. I took it easier and, instead of brass fasteners, got the lightest ones used for paper. They sell them as ‘paper fasteners’, and they bend much easier than the brass ones.

Here you can see what I meant with ‘different logos’. Both sneakers are Lilley size 6, but were released in different shades of grey and during different times. Not that you can notice it anymore. 😉

I first spray-painted them gold while my parents were still around. Mum helped cover everything in the bathroom in advance so we didn’t end up losing our deposit money later. While nothing else was harmed, the bathroom and hallway were stinking for hours. Even with the window open. And because dad was helping us out painting the front room table and now covering it with varnish, the whole flat was reeking! Husband and I had to leave right away for a walk in the park because it was just impossible! Thanks to open windows and extractors, the smells went away later. So, if you’re going to spray-paint anything, I’d recommend you do it outdoors, unless you have a massive studio with human-sized windows. In that case, I’m VERY jealous. 😥

Then I waited for the shoes to dry completely, and a bit more. My parents left and we were quite blue for days, and I couldn’t find a proper stationary store with golden markers and chains. That changed yesterday, during a grocery shopping trip to Oadby. The people at Osborne Stationers were kind enough to grant me access to their ‘golden stash’ of pens and markers. It was beautiful. And they also had ‘goldie-lookin’ chains’ – LOL – for a reasonable price, and tons of stuff for scrapbooking, printmaking, model-making, sewing, and all kinds of arts and crafts. Such a treasure of a place.

So, after the small daytrip, I came back home to finish this project while watching Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at Coachella. Very apt, fo’ shizzle.

Drop it like it's hot.

Drop it like it’s hot.

Taken with flash, for extra bling.

It’s important to note that the sides of the soles had to be painted with marker, as the spray paint would just flake off. They had to be covered with tape when the canvas was spray-painted, otherwise it would have been very messy. So yeah, do not go the easy way of just spraying everything and that’s it, as you will eventually need to repaint the soles all over again.

Side view.

The chains look a bit too dangly because my feet are big, wide and weird. I did need to make them long, because if they were too short and tight, they would snap off right away. But as a DIY lover, I quite enjoyed using the pliers to add and remove chains as needed. I can totally see why many people are obsessed with crafting in any kind. It’s quite exciting and relaxing at the same time. A new activity to add to my self-care routine.


2 responses to “Golden years, golden Oxfords

    • Thanks, Mhairi! 😀 I used to think I was crap at crafting too, but just did it anyway for stress-relief. xx

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