P.S. – I love this…

Mind the long absence.  My parents came all the way to visit me for my mum’s birthday and for my birthday (tomorrow!), so they have been my priority these days. We have been cleaning up the house and doing all sorts of newly-wed family stuff, like normal families do. I have said before my relationship with my parents works much better as a long-distance one, but not too long-distance! I do wish they lived in the same city or country, even the same continent. Not the same house, tho! We love each other to bits, but sometimes we get on our nerves and need our well-deserved MeTime™.

Anyway, we’ve been cleaning up, eating delicious food, walking around the town, and – husband and I – sleeping on an airbed in the living room. It’s quite comfy, actually. If you want to pop by later, you can stay here and sleep there. 😉

As I’ve said before, it’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’ve started getting presents already. We found a beautiful desk at the antiques shop round the corner. It was the perfect size, very strong, and has all the features I was looking for. And it was only 20 quid! So now we can say I have my own office. Hahaha, the joys of freelance lifestyle! You will see pictures of it soon.

I also got myself this lovely book:

I’m a huge fan of P.S. – I made this. You can see I have the blog linked and everything. I guessed many of the projects would have been on the blog already before, but I am a fan of the printed word, and I had money from Amazon Trade-In, so this had to go straight into my library. Both me and my mum – who can’t speak much English but could understand the instructions of this book very easily – loved it, and we’ve already started doing projects. The top part of some PJs that were in a terrible state is now a scarf, and some mismatching canvas sneakers I got for a pound are about to become golden (or silver) oxfords.

Oh, and for her birthday, I gave her an Anna Scholz top I found on eBay, and she loved it to bits. We went to the new Simply Be store, and wished Anna’s collection was a lot cheaper. I have a feeling mum would look amazing on Anna and on Zandra Rhodes. Well, she already does on her light blue top.

So yeah, time to go back to meatspace to spend my birthday’s eve with the people I love the most in the world. I am so incredibly blessed to have them in my life. And to haveyou in my life. x


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