In Evening Air

One of my predilect methods of self-care is doing my nails. I can be doing them differently once every day, when I’m arsed enough, to match or not with outfits. It is quite a zen activity that keeps your mind off terrible thoughts and a way to pamper yourself when the world just wants to watch you burn.

Most of the time I only do plain colours. No attempts at figurative themes or whatever, as I am very clumsy and can’t paint a straight line to save my life. Occassionally, I try to do something more abstract, with a few colours. And sometimes I go French beyond pink-and-white combinations. Years ago I went to a beauty parlour showing them a picture of a French manicure of wine red and white tips, and they thought I was taking the piss!

However, I was recently inspired by a blouse I got after seeing the Queen at the city centre last week, and chose to try a bit of a flower bouquet in my fingernails.

The background is nude; foliage is mint green; the ‘flowers’ are red, pink and dark blue; and the tips are grey so they don’t compete with the other colours.

Accidentally on purpose, the colour palette was also similar to the one used in the cover of one the albums I’ve been listening to the most: In Evening Air, by Future Islands, designed by Kymia Nawabi.

Music, like painting your nails, is also a wonderful form of self-care.


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