Carmakoma (Jamaica and Roma)

Apologies for not updating in almost a week. I had some unexpected holidays at The Doldrums, and I’m in the process of running back home as soon as possible. Before this inconvenient episode, I dared to join a few blogging challenges. Alas, I have not had the time nor energy to do them. BUT I WILL! Sooner or later!

For this post, we need a bit of flashback effects, à la manière de Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. Tiruru, tiruru…

At the first edition of London Plus, the Danish brand Carmakoma had a rack full of clothes for us to try on. Around that time, I was planning my wedding, and looking for an outfit to wear for the civil ceremony. I told the representative to suggest a dress for the occasion, and she produced the Pelican for me to try on. Not only that, but she matched it with the Seattle scarf and the Rollercoaster belt. Unfortunately, the accessories are now sold out and the Pelican is not in my size (unless I squeezed into Medium?). I was already really fancying what they did and ogling over their website, but trying that outfit on made me fall utterly in love. I eventually settled for something cheaper and more colourful (to contrast with the white-only gown for the humanist ceremony), but I pledged to get the outfit for another occasion. Or anything else by them that caught my eye. The fabrics they use are smooth, and they have a proper, avant-garde sense of style regardless of the stereotypes surrounding the size of their target customers.

Time went by, and in February this year, I got the Flax dress in my hands. You can read more about it here and here, but I’ll show you the picture once more to refreshen your memory.

It was the first Carmakoma in my wardrobe, but surely not the last!

A couple of weeks ago, I was online bargain shopping and found the Tequila dress from Carmakoma. It was about 10 quid. SUCH. A. BARGAIN. The problem was, it was a size M, and I was hella sure I was a Large. I enquired the seller about the fit, and it turns out we’re both about the same size and that it fitted perfectly fine on her. She just wasn’t fond of the sleeves. Well, I surely was.

What finished to convince me was Valerie’s pictures in Blog to be Alive. Here, not only she showed it as a dress, but discovered that, when unzipped, it could be worn like a springtime trenchcoat! It’s like a 2-in-1 piece of clothing! That’s when I oficially knew it had to be mine.

So it is now.

As Valerie commented, it looks like leather. However, it feels like soft, comfy fabric. It’s not like those painful clothes that stick to your body during warm days. It also has a lovely rectangular neckline, so you can put on some chokers and short necklaces and show them off. I didn’t put on anything because I couldn’t be arsed. But you can. It’s also really easy to put on, so if you have a special occassion but not enough spoons to get dressed, it is a viable option. Another awesome thing? It has pockets.

You know dresses with pockets mean the world to me. I wore it for our seventh-month anniversary dinner, and I didn’t have to carry any handbags nor purses. My mobile, keys and wallet, all I really needed, could fit perfectly inside them. It’s also quite clever if you’re going to nightclubs or gigs that are going to be pretty rough – e.g. in Brixton.

For venturing outdoors, I matched it with a TK Maxx long cardigan, Primark blue leggins, Flexi boots, and an Am Appy circle scarf. I’m not saying the real name of that brand because I don’t want to give them any publicity, but – sorry! – this scarf is my hero. I originally got it to try and copy the pattern and make more circle scarves, mwahahaha. Without any women nor immigrants wounded in the process, obvs – maybe just me, if I pinched my fingers accidentally with the needle.

So thank you so much, Carmakoma, for being forward-thinking and being aware that fat people can be fashion-savvy, stylish and demanding.

Oh, and thank you so much for having bombshell models who would actually fit in your clothes without any pins nor stuffing. That’s really respectful.

Fluvia 4 ever

Line Mikkelsen being a babe.

Blondly ambitious Line.

And this fabulous video for One Stop Plus, with Line chilling in a hotel room to a remix of ‘Karmacoma’ by Massive Attack – I see what you did there! 😉


One response to “Carmakoma (Jamaica and Roma)

  1. You look fab and it’ a great fit on you.
    The Pelican dress is also amazing.
    You know when I was listing this dress for sale, I looked at Val’s blog too and I was like – do I REALLY want to sell this? You see and now your post makes me glad I did – because you’ll love it! Yeah!

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