Blonde Ambition

These months, I had been quite vocal about getting a new look for my hair. The last time I had done something drastic to it, was that summer of ’10 when I pulled a Pedro and felt so hot I had to chop it off. By now, it has already grown almost back to normal. I have no problem with that, as I was getting bored of short hair by the beginning of ’11. The next thing I wanted to change, just to experiment a bit, was the colour. I had never tried getting it blonde in my life. Never, ever, ever. In fact, I hated the idea of being a blonde bimbo in junior high, when the riskiest thing I did was go redhead. As the years went by, I learnt a few things: a) not all blonde women are ‘bimbos’, b) sometimes you resort to shallow topics as a way of epic self-care (back in the days, I would have thought a beauty blog would have been the bimboest thing to do, while nowadays it’s what is keeping me sane), c) life is to short not to play around with your body. It’s your body, and you can play around with it: pierce, dye, tattoo, style… as a way to reinvent yourself, explore other ways to enjoy yourself, and sometimes even stay away from self-harm. So now, just to see what it looks like, I want to go blonde.

All the beauty parlours I went to, unfortunately, refused to bleach my hair in one go. My original hair – and consequent dyeing – is too dark, they say, to go as platinum blonde as I want. In despair, I asked my mum what to do, and she said I should just get highlights and keep getting them and getting them in order to make my hair blonder and blonder, leaving time to rest, and not roasting it for life.

Once the opportunity came, thanks to the wonders of Groupon, I went to Urban Chic in St. Martin’s Square to get my hair sorted. They also told me that bleaching it all would be a hard process, and that highlights would be enough. So here are the results.

I’m not entirely keen on them. They do give a bit of light to my hair, but they are not what I want, what I really, really, want. It was hard anyway to get this much blondeness, and I needed to spend a bit extra on the toner – then again, thanks to Groupon, the grand total of what I spent on highlights, treatment, cut and blow-dry was nothing compared to the regular price. So I’m guessing I’ll have to take it easy, and reaching platinum blonde will be a long journey that shall require a lot of patience.

Here I’ll show you some of my inspiration. Blondespiration? Many of them are friends from Mexico, so never let them tell you that a Person of Colour (in our case, Latinas) looks tacky with blonde hair. That’s not only strict, but hella racist and classist. A dye-hard friend, actually, told me I would look awesome in blonde; and that ze – Caucasian – looks quite lifeless with blonde hair.


Kari Estrada, of Your Mother Should Know. We’re from the same city, and she’s been swaying between light and dark hair the time I have known her.

abril Elle 3

This is a picture from when she was platinum, posing for Elle Mexico.


Roxy Love, Tex-Mex artist, who also works as Taquitojocoque. She was blonde a while ago, and has done some mermaid colours on every now and then. She’s also tatspiration, as she has tons of lovely tattoos in astonishing colours. But that’s for another post.


As I’ve said before, Mexicans can go blonde too.

Tania León, designer, illustrator, stylist, photographer, and member of the Palenqueras collective. I met her at a Ladyfest, and she’s such a babe.

Looks like she went through grades of blondeness before achieving light blonde a few months after I met her. An early picture of her, also right before going pixie, shows her full hair in the same colour of my current highlights.

Sophie, from tumblr. I don’t know her much nor her ethnicity nor original hair colour, but when I saw someone reblogged this picture I was like ‘THAT’S EXACTLY HOW I WANT MY HAIR’. It’s true. I also want her style. Her 66-year-old grandpa is her exclusive hairstylist, and I wish I could be his client too.


Frostine Shake, burlesque dancer. To be honest, I don’t know her ethnicity nor original hair colour either, but she’s such a stunner.

And the Make-Over-Machine mess-around that started my obsession, and certified that maybe I could look good with a lighter colour of hair. Many people thought it was real when I had it on my FB profile. If only…


To be honest, I want my hair to look like Snork Maiden’s. I want to become Snork Maiden. Hah.

Yes, I know I mostly showed examples of light-skinned latinas, as I was looking for people who looked or were like me. However, dark-skinned people can rock the blonde too! We’ve seen people like Rihanna, M.I.A., Beyonce and Nicki Minaj go through blonde phases. They are not my friends, and the one whose music I like from the bunch is M.I.A., but they surely don’t let any racist ‘fashion rules’ govern over the things they can do to their hair. Neither should you.

I have also found a couple of tutorials that could be helpful. This one, from Rookie, is to get technicolour hair on dark hair. Arabelle’s hair is as dark as mine, and you can sneak there’s a point where her roots go yellow during the bleaching process! So it can happen! Dark hair can go light!

And just like Sophie, she has a badass relative helping her out:her dad. I wish my parents were as cool as that when I was younger.

There are tons of other DIY tutorials on YouTube, and I might end up resorting to that in the end. Either that, or an alternative hairstylist who gets what I want and who gets I don’t want to be ‘trendy’ or whatever.

Any dark-haired people gone blonde out there? How did you do it?





2 responses to “Blonde Ambition

  1. cynth, i’ve had a lot of hairdon’t (that i’ve loved) of all the lenghts, colours and textures. I’ve bleached my hair so many times I can’t even remember. Yest it kind of dies but I think we latinas have good quality strong hair that doesn’t completely die hehehe… Anyways, the trick to super bleach is try once, leave for 45 minutes, rinse off and then wait a couple of days if you can and bleach it again and repeat the process till you like the tone. If you can’t wait a couple of days with orange/horrible yellow hair you can apply a light brown on the first try, and then after two weeks bleach again and apply a gold blonde, and so on… proof of some of my hair not dying off completely:

    changing hair is always fun! good luck!

    and you look v pretty with highlights btw!

  2. si tu cabello es virgen de verdad no hay ningún problema con teñirlo de platinado en una sola sesión, a menos que tu cabello no sea tan resistente. si lo sientes maltratado sólo con las luces, entonces sí, hazlo por etapas, usa un shampoo morado (que en mi experiencia, los más baratos/genéricos fueron los más efectivos), usa un buen tratamiento hidratante (toda la línea forte therapie de biolage de matrix es buenísima y no te laves el cabello todos los días, déjalo descansar, especialmente si lo peinaste con calor, aprovecha el peinado unos 2, 3 días, si te desespera, puedes utilizar un champo en seco. ( lo encuentras en sally’s, es bueno y barato comparado con otras marcas)
    yo fui por etapas porque antes de rubia tenía más de un año pintandome el cabello de castaño oscuro.
    definitivamente, no lo hagas tú sola, ve con un profesional.
    mi primera etapa de rubia fue a los 19 años y casi todo el tiempo yo me pintaba el cabello, me lo decoloraba con peróxido de 40 (WRONG) yo sola y al final me ponía un baño de color en platinado, super maaaaaaaal, me tosté el cabello, lo tenía a los hombros y me tuve que hacer un bob, que también estaba todo tostado hahaha así que no DYI en un platinum blonde de una sola sesión! ojalá no se me escape nada y si si pues luego te digo haha.
    disfruta el proceso de convertirte en blonde, ’cause blondes do have more fun! hahahaha :***

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