Fatshion February: closet orphans and foster children

After losing all of my followers (the three of them!) thanks to my rant about body snarking at the Oscars, maybe it’s time to go back to ‘shallow’, happy topics. What about an OotD?

In an ironic twist of fate, being skint has actually made me buy more clothes. Nonetheless, I have been refining my shopping skills in order to get much cheaper and nicer stuff than in the times I’ve been well off. Now I don’t spend more than 10 quid on a dress, for example; nor more than 5 quid on a top or bottom. I am rediscovering items of clothing I hadn’t worn in ages, and am sorting the ones I will never ever wear to sell them online pretty soon. I scour eBay, blogger sales, charity shops and Primark, and buy exclusively the things I really REALLY want and need. A little black dress, for example, as the only LBD I had is more of the loveless-fatty-at-PoNaNa kind and is also starting to give in to the passing of time and my deathfat. So it was time to get a new one. A decent, pretty one that was more me. That’s why, when I stumbled upon this frock at Mrs. BeBe’s online sale, I knew it had to be mine.

It arrived in a couple of days, and it did not disappoint. The fabric is quite soft and fresh, altough thick enough to protect during these last days of winter. It has a lovely pattern that cannot be captured quite enough with a camera. Well, it’s romboid and stylish and you can actually feel it when you touch it.

It’s George, from ASDA. I hate ASDA and I ain’t gonna be its bitch, but as I bought it from a person and not from the corporation, it’s OK. BeBe said in the description that, while it was a 22, it was not very forgiving, and would fit better on a 20. I am a 20/22, so I was worried it could not fit. It does, wonderfully. There is VBO, so what?

That jacket is one of the previously ignored items, or what Lili from Relatable Style calls ‘closet orphans’. Now that it’s still cold but not enough for a thick coat, it was just begging to come out. It’s a Dorothy Perkins I got on sale around October 2010, but had only worn it about twice before. I thought the ruffly neo-romantic-esque details matched with the dress’ neck,  and it would give a bit of colour to the outfit. Nothing wrong with wearing all black, but colours are lovely too. In this case, camel, just like the boots.

I got these babes last year in Cardiff. They were something between three and seven quid. I can’t remember, but they were ridiculously affordable, like most things in Cardiff. These are closet orphans too, only because I could never wear them in Salford. Damn you, rainy North.

The feather necklace is DP too, and mum got it for me when my family went to see me in Bristol in August. It was originally for my dad’s birthday in October (my turn to visit them), and I was going to wear it with a black maxidress I have back home. Alas, I forgot to bring it with me. So the necklace and the maxi are still in a long-distance relationship. An open one: while the necklace has some fun with BeBe’s dress, the maxi was seen wearing multiple pearl necklaces on dad’s birthday. That’s how they roll, the (ethical) sluts.

Oh, and I finally bothered getting batteries for my digital camera. You did not deserve getting low-quality mobile phone pictures. While convenient at changing rooms and unexpected moments, it just looked unprofessional. Also, my husband agreed on being my beloved Outfit-of-the-Day photographer, so no more MySpace mirror shots! For now.


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