Audition Eyebrows

About a year or so ago, I started to notice that certain beauty parlours were offering the service of eyebrow threading. I had absolutely NO idea what it was all about. Eyebrow threading? Do they treat your eyebrows as thread and make tiny braids with them or what? Earlier last year, Rebequita Rose blogged about having her eyebrows threaded, and while they looked very beautiful and natural, I still had no idea what was going on. Then it started becoming a more common practice and, in the middle of shopping centres and the likes, you might have likely witnessed something like this:

Photo by Victoria Pelham, for Cronkite News.

Which, in turn, reminded me of THIS:

Still from the movie Audition, by Takashi Miike

TRIGGER WARNING: MUTILATION. For those who have not seen it: man makes an audition to find his next girlfriend, perfect ballerina wins, perfect ballerina is actually obsessed with being the number one priority in man’s life, man loves his son more, perfect ballerina tries to cut his limbs with a thread!


‘But then’, I supposed, ‘if thread can be sharp enough to go through flesh, fat, muscle and bone, it can also be sharp enough to go through innocent milimetres of facial hair’. So it sounded less scary and more functional. Also, it has been done in places like India or Iran for centuries, and stylists – in spite of having one end of a thread in their mouths all the time – are quite clean and prepared. So, last time I was at the mall and saw one of them, I decided to give my eyebrows a well-needed cleansing and experience such process first-hand.

The lady was very nice and quick. I asked her how long it would take, since I was in a hurry, and she said five minutes. Woah. With waxing, five minutes is what it takes just to heat up the wax! She also did her best to stay as far away as possible from my eyes, telling me to cover them at the trickiest of times and keeping them shut ALWAYS. It’s not like I wanted to sneak a peak of all those threads eerily close to my face. But life is not a twisted Japanese horror – tho it’s quite horrific sometimes, so there was nothing to fear.

The sensation, however, was kind of weird. Not painful at all. Just… weird. Undescribable. But at least it’s WAAAAAAAAAAAY less painful than waxing, and a lot less painful and damaging as laser. Not that laser is allowed on eyebrows. I think it’s only allowed in upper lips and sideburns? Which, by the way, threading can also sort out! As well as hair in many other parts of your body. Nevertheless, eyebrows is the quickest, most popular service you can find at most shopping centres.

And the results? Amazing.

 They respected my natural shape, which is very positive, being this one of my body parts I like the most. Dietrich eyebrows look nice on other people, but I would die if I ended up losing my dearest brows. They just removed the fluff that was, in fact, hiding this shape.

Right brow

Left brow

So yeah. Eyebrows threading is nothing to be scared of. The least scary bit? The price. At Leicester’s Haymarket Shopping Centre, it was £3.50 and you got a loyalty leaflet: go there four times, and the fifth one is free! Not sure if I will go that many times, since my brows are quite low maintenance (last time I got them done was in August), but it is certainly good news for those who want to keep things under control as often as possible. 😉 


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