Fatshion February: Master of the Universe


On Tuesday night, I went down to Bristol for my graduation ceremony. We stayed at my friend’s studio in Stokes Croft, a place I truly missed with a person I truly missed. And her crib was amazing and comfy. It has an area by the window where you can sit down, read, and look at things and people go by.

Anyway, the ceremony happened the following afternoon. It was the first graduation I had ever had in England, so the event was quite solemn and curious at the same time. All the deans and important people wearing gowns in different colours. The more important they were, the more outrageous the attire. There were a couple of teachers who looked like Goth Santa, with black and white capes. And a man who looked like a pirate, or like Adam Ant’s dad, all ruffly and neo-romantic. The Vice-Chancellor, main person in charge that day, was wearing a black coat twice her size, with patterns in golden thread. Guards with huge staffs, prog-like organ music, etc. It was quite an event.

However, my hired gown and hoodie (Ede & Ravenscroft, if you want to buy one ;)) were not as extravagant, as I have just graduated as a miserable Master, and not as a King Doctor in Philosophy of the Universe and Beyond to the Max Forever and Ever Oh Yeah.


Buuuuuut the hoodie was pretty neat on the back. It is quite special, and the maroon and white really contrasts with the plain blackness of the gown. For my undergrad ceremony in Mexico, we only wore a big black gown and one of those square hats. I really like the beret kind of hats worn by PhD graduates, but to be able to wear one, I’d have to devout myself four years to writing a huge book on someone or something you have never heard of. Or, like Honoris Causa this year Michael Winterbottom, be fucking awesome at what I do for over twenty years. I think I’d choose the latter.


After the ceremony, I returned the gown and hoodie and headed to the ‘Tea Party’, where there was chance to show off the PROM DRESS.

carmakoma flax dress

It is the very beautiful and silky Carmakoma asymmetric Flax dress that Lauren gave me when I stayed at her house for Plus London Two. The first time I saw it I knew it was THE Prom Dress. It got many compliments, I felt like a superstar, and it was also very functional: the rooms were hot and crowded, and the fabric was fresh enough to allow my survival in such environments.

The rose was some brooch I think I got from Charlotte Russe or somewhere centuries ago. I added it on a whim, for a bit of colour. However, the dress is King all by itself.

Still wearing the Flexi boots from Bratlentine’s Day. Tights were from Marks & Spencer’s, my favourite place to get nude tights for special occassions (our wedding, for example). They are almost disposable, tho. 😦 Any recommended places to get long-lasting ones?


2 responses to “Fatshion February: Master of the Universe

  1. Yay!!! felicidades Cyn! im proud! La manera inglesa es más bonita me encanto el hoodie y el vestido ni hablar supper winner 🙂

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