Fatshion February: More like Bratlentine's Day

This Tuesday I went to the City Centre with Little Brother. He went to play snooker with his friends, and I did some errands. Everywhere I went to, there was a spoiled brat crying and pulling a tantrum. EVERYWHERE. IN EVERY SINGLE SHOP. It was like the greatest boycott campaign against Valentine’s Day: children acting at their worst in order to make you stop having sex forever! Thank goodness for contraception.

The dress is from the remainings of Big Bum Jumble 2010. Unfortunately, I wasn’t yet in England when it happened, so when the people involved with it brought what was leftover to the Fat Studies Seminar in November 2010, everyone jumped in excitement. I fell in love with this frock immediatly, and I’m glad everyone else ignored it, because I have given it some heavy lovin’ through the years. Just look at the rectangular neck. Pure vintage everyday glamour.

Alas, I couldn’t show it off much due to the cold wind still going on outside. Not as freezing as last week, of course, but not warm enough to let us parade around in short shorts. I was wearing this scarf, a present from my mum. She found it at Moroleón, an expo that happens a few times a year at a convention centre in Monterrey, in which people from León (a town in Guanajuato famous for its shoemaking and leather) go up and sell their products for lower prices. They not only sell animal-made products, but things made out of fabric and other man-made materials. So she found this and a couple of scarves in different colours, and got some for me and for her. It’s so soft and sparkly, yet very warm and protectful. Suffice to say, I am currently obsessed with it, and have been wearing it non-stop for weeks. Some of you who went to Plus London Two might have seen me wearing it.

The shoes are also from Mexico, from this company called Flexi. They are not very fat-friendly, alas. This was the only pair of boots I could find that fit my monster calves of doom. They were cheap, tho (around 30 quid), and have lasted me for over five years. I’d recomend them more for ankle boots and comfy shoes.

Earrings are also from back home, from some shop that shrinks flowers and traps them in jewelry. These are real, tiny roses. So ‘romantic’.

The brown faux-leather jacket is Faith 21, before they changed their name to Forever 21+, and when they actually had a few salvageable things. This is one of them. Leggins from Primark, almost torn appart in hidden places. But it’s OK, as I used the extra time to go get a new pair and also a wonderful dress I will be showing off soon.

And a massive cup of hot chocolate, because I’m worth it.

The other Valentiney thing I did was have raspberry cupcakes with teh husband on the train to Bristol, where we stayed a couple of days for my graduation ceremony. But that’s for another post.


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