Fatshion February: Family Values.

This weekend came my little brother in-law, to whom I will refer from now on as Little Brother, since we have a really good connection and my husband’s family has included me not only as their child’s wife, but as their child. As an only child who asked Santa Claus and the Tooth Mouse to bring her a sibling, this is rather amazing. Besides being loved by the most wonderful man ever, I also have two amazing brothers now. We all have a fabulous relationship. The older one is a painter, so as an Art ‘Historian’, we do get along tons every time we see each other. And we all like the same music, have the same sense of humour (tho Little Brother is quite rude! And sometimes makes me release my inner rude self, mwahaha), and pretty much the same views about life.

This Sunday, we had breakfast at the Cuban restaurant nearby, and then went to the pub next door to watch the rugby. Since we don’t have a full-body mirror back home (FAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL), I seized the opportunity of going to the loo to get some pictures of what I was wearing that weekend.


That dress is quite special, because it was made by my mum. See, being the only child, I was a bit overprotected by her, and she really didn’t know how to deal with a fat, clumsy, ADD-then-depressed child, so she might have done tons of trial and error in her raising ways. She was lovely, and so was dad, but they had their pros and cons, with dad being more liberal and mum being more ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEP HOW ARE YOU WEARING THAT!?’. But later, I grew up, had the chance of leaving the house, and now we get along fantastically. It seems long distance is the way to go with us. However, one of the last things I managed to improve in the situation a few years before leaving, was to introduce her to Fat Acceptance and the concept of Health at Every Size. Got her the HAES book by Linda Bacon, now looking to get her Screw Inner Beauty by Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby in Spanish, and pretty much made her realise fat people can be healthy, dignified, with a high self-esteem, a satisfying love life, and a sense of fashion. So she went from ‘HOW ARE YOU WEARING THAT?’ and taking me to the nutritionist since I was nine, to defending people from Fat Stigma on her everyday conversations and buying plus size sewing magazines. As a former skinny who got fat after developing hypothyroidism, she has also learned these things for herself. Now she makes a few clothes for herself AND for me.

This is the first dress she made me. She copied the pattern out of one of my legendary ‘birthday dresses’, original from Dorothy Perkins, and used some soft fabric I had bought centuries ago when I wanted to make and sell handbags for a living. Then I had bought tartan, art decó, etc. but this one is stunning. Here is a closer picture of it while making a funny face. I’m wearing a brown jumper underneath because it was fokken cold. You already know what I’m wearing for bottoms. Those shoes, and Primark leggins.


A closer look at the Oui/Non earrings. I got them in 2010 at BUST Christmas Craftacular, then they were ripped off by High Street, then vanished into nothingness.



And the Darling necklace from Oysho. I still owe you the backstory, but it’s for another post.


Yeah, and I cut my bangs a bit, so I look a bit closer to my age.


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