So yeah… OSP…

Around 3pm, we had to wrap up and, goodie bags in hand, rushed all the way to Fulham to the offices of One Stop Plus for our modeling stint. I say stint because we’re not professional models. We’re just people who like writing and wearing clothes and, why not, writing about the clothes too. Clothes we like. And clothes we don’t. Like the outfits OSP chose for us. There were very few nice ones, but most of the choices were things we would NOT wear in daily life. Even things we’re running away from. My outfit, for instance, was not completely wrong. I liked the jumper. It’s something I would have worn at our honeymoon inBrittany. But I am not really keen on the trousers. They were a 24, but fitted like a 22 or 20. Very small. And I was not the one having such problems with trousers. The sandals I wore were also something for the coast, but Capri pants would have matched better. They would have given the whole vibe completely. And the coat?! I love red coats like everyone and their mothers. Heck, I was wearing one the whole day! But a red coat does NOT match with the rest of the combination. Who prepares these outfits, seriously?!

I pardon them for assigning me this, as they did not know about my usual style, but they DID know about the others’ style and gave them off topic clothes. Yeah, I know models get paid for wearing things they don’t necessarily like in their off-duty existence. However, at least they get paid. So can we get paid with freedom of choice as currency? Freedom of choice is awesome. Even if we still don’t get to keep the clothes for ourselves, we might feel as if we walked around wearing clothes we enjoy. It has worked in real life, so it would surely work at a small show. The people involved in this surely have no idea about our struggles.

We got changed upstairs in the room where they have AAAALLL THEIR NICE CLOTHES AND SHOES. And beautiful swimsuits and lingerie. So it was a bit cruel that we were meant to wear like, the worst of their collection. It was like them saying ‘see all of this? You don’t deserve it’. Pretty offensive.

Claire’s letter to OSP, including some of our opinions on ‘the event’.


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