To London, for Plus London Two

This Saturday I went to Plus London Two, and met tons of lovely people I hadn’t seen in what felt like decades. It all started on Friday, right after landing in my new home in the Midlands. Said change of headquarters will now make it easier to commute to London almost any time I want. Not only it is faster to get there, but much cheaper and nicer. So I went First Class that Friday evening. Oh, yeah. And the departures are much more frequent, something I truly found out after getting on the 18:53 train when my ticket was for the 18:57. FOUR MINUTES. They almost made me get new tickets, but then I guess they figured out I’m not a frequent First Class passenger, so they were like ‘let dear Olivia Twist live her bourgeois fantasy’. So yay: First Class, coffee, WiFi and comfort.


I arrived at St. Pancras, and after looking for each other everywhere, found my lovely host Lauren.

(This is the only picture of the night out in Lahndahn, and the best of the bunch of pictures I took of Lauren. I ain’t Cecile B. DeMille, sorry. But y’all know she’s gorgeous.)

(This is the only picture of the night out in Lahndahn, and the best of the bunch of pictures I took of Lauren. I ain’t Cecile B. DeMille, sorry. But y’all know she’s gorgeous.)

It was so wonderful to see her. And we were hungry (always are), so we went to this Thai restaurant called Paolina; where we celebrated our obesity epidemic with fleshy entries, steamed rice and spicy curry, all aided by fresh cider from CostCutter. Mine was a Gaymers, hers was a Brothers pear. I couldn’t really get any Gaymers while living up North. Maybe because of the name? LOL I DON’T MISS U NARF. I still had litres of water afterward, since my chicken peanut curry was a bit too fiery (but delicious). Alas, the toilet is not death fat friendly. It’s actually the size of an airplane’s. But when there’s a will, there’s a way; so if people can go Mile High, I can surely fulfill my post-meal activities with no problem whatsoever. As we say in Mexico: everything fits in a jar knowing how to arrange it. (tho the deather fatters could find it harder and harder; and the disabled? Well, you have to go up a couple of stairs to enter the local and a couple of stairs down to enter the dining area in the first place, so be very careful). LOL speaking of Mexico, this is what Lauren’s mum got out in the kitchen for me to see:


No prob. Lauren’s parents were nice. And at least they weren’t like my dad-in-law playing the Mexican National Anthem on the BBC website. LOL WHITE PPPL UR HILARIOUS!!!!1! They were lovely anyway, caring about me and helping out when needed. And I truly missed a girls sleepover, which is what I kind of had at Lauren’s. Talked loads about random stuff, stalked y’all on her tablet, and sorted our outfits for Saturday. Amidst all that, Lauren was like ‘I have these dresses I got to review ages ago, but they don’t really fit me. Wanna try them on?’ AND HOLY SHIT.

One of them was a dark green asymmetric Flax dress. I’m such a big fan of Carmakoma, and this has the things I love the most about it: the fabric is soft and low-maintenance, the cut is very classic and Greek-like while being a tiny bit adventurous in the ways you can wear it, and it’s perfect for both casual and formal occasions. I will wear it for graduation.

The other dress was the Max C Skater from Style 369, and it happens to fit in that sector of the Venn diagram where the things I like and the things Lauren likes merge. It’s a shame she wasn’t completely pleased with the way it looked on her, but it’s a triumph that it fit me almost tailor-made. This is what I got to wear at the party, with leopard print flats borrowed from Lauren too. Those ones, only borrowed, as they are a necessity in her wardrobe and in all of ours. Stealing someone’s leopard print is like stealing someone’s child. Gonna get my own pair some day. BTW DOES ANYONE WHO WENT TO THE PARTY KNOW WHERE THEY ARE? I feel really crap because I left them in the changing rooms and they were GONE. But you, thief, should feel crappier. Unless you grabbed them by accident and got confused or something? HELP. (more to come)


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