Noon at Anna Scholz

So I slept like a baby, and dreamt I dreamt I dreamt it was Saturday already. It was like the Inception of plus-sized blogging. Fattinception.


Then woke up (for real!) and we went to Anna Scholz. We stumbled upon a couple of girls on the way, so we arrived together. Anna herself was there, talking to everyone and having fun. The same was Liz, her assistant, and Cliff, her business partner.

We all tried on tons of things from the SS12 collection, both Black and White label. Everyone worked different outfits, but this one was my personal fave. It was a bit tight, tho. Can deal with the VBO, but my arms were aching an hour later. So if I get it, one size larger or two will be perfect.


There were people who rocked hard the palm trees, others did Anna’s favourite snake-print, and others were into the simply blue with pockets. Speaking of pockets, the kaleidoscope I wore had a couple, and I got to put all my pocketable belongings in them, just to daydream it was mine. Mwahahaha.

After hours of good clean fun, there was a Q&A session, which turned into a steamy debate on the way department stores and the High Street ostracise fat clients, and involved some very valid name-shaming. Let’s just say Harrod’s and De Montfort Uni might get one or two complains these days. It was also a chance to give some feedback on what we want for further collections. Workwear, shoes (!) and lingerie (!!) were some of the most popular requests, all promptly written down by Liz.


This is an example of a company that cares, created and maintained by someone who knows her target audience because she is a part of them, and does not patronise us as consumers. Anna started sewing her own clothes when she was twelve, as she felt there was nothing for her in the market. She mostly – if not solely – wears things from her own collections because she made them as if she was still doing them for herself, but constantly remembering that there are others in her same situation. There are more brands and styles catering a wide range of sizes and shapes nowadays, but there is still this isolation and shaming going around. One thing is to have and the other is to have what you want, and I can see more people wanting Anna’s stuff than whatever the media or the industry wants you to want. Which is sort of what I’ll talk about in the next part of my review… :/


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